Kara Skinner

About Rebekah Campbell s photography transitions smoothly between the fantasy world of fashion and representations of the idyllic banalities of youth culture and suburbia. The 22-year-old NYC-based photographer often utilizes duplication superimposing images, or expressing a fascination with twins or similar-looking subjects. These echoes and repetitions lend a visual blossoming effect to her photos that… Continue reading Kara Skinner

Beige neige

Photographer: Rebekah Campbell Models: Jenny Page, Rawda Ronnie MUA: Jennifer Drew

Nowhere To Go

PUBLISHED IN ROOKIE MAGAZINE I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with erica Segovia and Chelsea Peacock for a shoot for Tavi Gevinson’s magazine, ROOKIE. Here are some outtakes and ones published – which you can see here. Just some inspiration for putting tinsel around your cotton candy beehive. Models: Sara Skinner, Halle Gaines, Lydia… Continue reading Nowhere To Go